Nina Rauch is a Social Impact Leader, Activist and Founder

When Nina was 13, her mother passed away from breast cancer. Despite being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, she saw first-hand how young people were not being properly educated on the disease.

This motivated Nina to make a change. At 16, she founded the social enterprise Pink Week and took it to Cambridge University, where she raised £500,000 for breast cancer charities, and expanded it across the UK. It continues to raise thousands of pounds each year. Her writing on breast cancer awareness amongst young people has appeared in publications such as The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

In 2019, Nina joined insurtech Lemonade as their first Global Head of Social Impact. She established Lemonade as a purpose-driven brand, leading its Giveback program, B Corp certification and the company’s sustainability efforts, including building Lemonade’s ESG strategy from scratch. As Lemonade expanded our market beyond the U.S., Nina led the expansion of their impact for all European markets: the U.K., Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

In July 2020, Lemonade became the second ever public benefit corporation and B-Corp to go public. This was a huge milestone for Nina's career, and the Social Impact sector as a whole.

Nina builds and leads the strategy for how Lemonade distributes its funds to ensure maximum impact, establishing partnerships with 100+ nonprofits in Europe and the U.S. To date, she have distributed over €7.5M to Lemonade's charity partners. Projects she has funded include: €2M to LGBTQ+ communities, €2.2M to climate nonprofits, €2.3M to improving housing globally, 615,206 meals for those in need throughout Europe and the UK, 43 clean water projects in Malawi and Ethiopia, 692,920 people granted access to therapy, including 67,497 veterans, and education for 763,411 underserved students. Nina is especially grateful to have ensured that hundreds of breast cancer patients receive treatment. Under her leadership, the Giveback program has grown 5,232%. She believes that the for-profit sector must lead the way when it comes to Social Impact, and she has written about the importance of this for Forbes and Fast Company.


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